Monday, 28 November 2011


The past 4 days have been chocker!, Uni thursday and friday as well as a job interview on the friday morning, which I think went well (fingers crossed), work all day saturday, partying in the night, recovering sunday then a off to see rizzle kicks and professor green at a gig in my home city, overall a pretty great weekend....

Apologies for the awful picture quality!
This is what i wore for my interview, it's a favorite of mine, i think it's smart without being boring! ;D 

Shirt, Skirt and Blazer: All H&M (walking advertisement.) 
I don't have a photo of what i wore out saturday night which is a shame cause i loved it lots!, i'm sure i'll wear it again though so i'll post it then :)

Professor green was AMAZING. I have always liked him but now I have nothing but love for him and his team. Rizzle Kicks also smashed it, my new favourites.

Sophie, 'business benz' and I.

After the gig!, Denim shirt dress (worn underneath):Vintage, Top: urban outfitters, Skirt: Zara.
Thanks lots!.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Just a few...


Every wednesday I voulnteer at a local charity shop. It has only been a few weeks so far but I really enjoy everything about it.
Today i'm wearing..

Top: Topshop tall, Skirt:Urban outfitters, Socks: Marks and Spencers, Heels:Kurt Geiger.
Thanks lots!.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Uni life.

Is not all fun and games. There's so much I have to do yet as hard as I try, I just can't concentrate. So, instead, I thought I would share some photos of me, my friends and family from over this summer.

Me in our hotel room, we made it very cosy!

My beautiful friends!!, Gina (left) and Sophie (right)

We liked his outfit.
(I wear: Cardigan:Topshop, Skirt:H&M, necklace:Miss Selfridge and Scalf:Vintage)
Me and my best friend Lucie in the most amazing bar.

Me with a rose I was given.

Windy Wales.
(Orange dress:Unknown, Cardigan:H&M, Sandals:Urban Outfitters.)
Me and my sister Kate.
(I wear: Top:Urban Outfitters, Shorts and Sandals: Both Topshop.)
                                                                      V Festival.
With my besto.
(Shirt Dress:Vintage, Wellies:Tom Joule, Sunglasses and Bag: Both H&M.)
Some others... 
Lucie's 18th 
Playsuit:Pose Boutique, Heels: River Island, Clutch(really a make up bag):H&M
                                                                Gina, Sophie, Molly.
Dress: Pose Boutique, Wellies:Vivienne Westwood
(Please check out Gina's blog too, she's amazing!:
                                                                        The 'pose'
Playsuit: H&M.

Thanks lots!.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Keeping to it!

I'm so so so tired as I got up ridiculously early to get into university for 9. That doesn't sound early but I have to travel an hour and a half so it is!, Anyway I dragged my self away from the comfy couch and took a quick photo!
Had a nap before so i have hid my face :D
Today I wore a leather pleated skirt from zara which I love so so much! With a fluffy metallic teal cropped jumper which I purchased from the charity shop I volunteer at. The scalf was a present.
Hope you like!, Thanks lots!.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Today I'm wearing.

Today I went for a walk and breakfast with my mum and dad, it was delicious and much needed as my mum and dad had had a little too much to drink last night :'], for the rest of the day I couldn't have been more lazy.
(note, for the walk I swapped the heels for more sensible flat brogues)

Heels: tkmaxx, Skirt: Charity shop, Socks: Botique in Barcelona, Top: resurection (old)


This year has been one of my greatest ever. I turned 18 in march and have just had the most amazing time since. I have also came to realise how lucky I am with a happy family and beautiful friends, i've also been given some amazing opportunities to travel which is fast becoming my favourite thing.
Summer brought the end of Alevels, followed by a last minute trip to Paris with two of my very good friends which was incredible. I had visied the city with family before but my love for it trippled after seeing it in a whole new light. Shortly after Paris I went to Barcelona for the very first time with my best friend Lucie. I had an unbelieveable experience, so good that I hope to live there for some part of my life.
My family holiday this year involved a rented penthouse in Plymouth, Wales. This was instead of a tour of italy, but i wouldn't have changed it for the world. Going to wales meant that my nan, grandad, cousins, chelsea, jake and conor, and my aunty could come aswell as me my sister, mum and dad. We had the most wonderful week of walks, swimming in the sea and rooftop drinking. Next I went to VFestival, it was a very memorable weekend in which I seen many artists I adore. Eminem tops the list as the full hour and a half felt entirely surreal. The end of summer meant back to reality. But for me, lucikly I had another chance to escape it when a friend of my sisters invited me and her to visit Madrid. I was a whirlwind weekend filled with sangria, sun and new fantastic friends. It's now close to december, a time for family and I couldn't be happier. I'm determined to keep up with both this blog and my lookbook, posting everyday my thoughts and outfits. Thanks lots!. ;D.

My first post.

Evening :D. My name's Molly Jane.

I have always wanted to start a blog and so on this quiet sunday evening I thought, why not now? I will try and keep up and post everyday but I can't promise anything! I'm currently in university studying Accountancy, I also have a huge interest in fashion and film.
Thanks lots!.